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Meditation Camp

This camp is far a way from the villages and from the lights,its so silence ,you can find your self there, to lessen to your silence inside the huge desert,

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A Little About Zawaideh Desert Camp

Typical Bedouin music :

During your stay in our camp you can listen in the evenings, nearby the camp fire to our typical Bedouin music. The Bedouin music is closely linked to its text. Songs are based on poetry and are sung either unaccompanied or to the stringed instrument, the rebab and various woodwinds.


If you are willing to organize your wedding, we are more then pleased to arrange this special day for you. We will take care of all the food, drinkings, music, and organize everything so it will be an outstanding weddingparty which you never will forget.
We arrange weddingparty’s from 10 until 150 persons.
If you are interested in this wedding program please send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course your whishes about the places we can discuss with you. Here in our camp, or outside at wonderful places in the desert.

Best Price Guarantee

If you are interested contact us and we will offer you after we received your email or phone call. The price quality will not dissapoint you.

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